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What Can I Expect From a Home Inspection?

Whether you’re new to the Houston area or this is your first home-buying experience, you may be wondering what’s typical at a home inspection from Bryan & Bryan Inspections. This question often goes unasked in the hustle of the real estate market, but we wish more people would ask!

Knowing in advance what you can expect at a home inspection not only helps you in hiring a home inspector, but it also prepares you for what kind of information you may or may not get in the inspection report. That inspection report is an important document as you decide how to proceed with the home-buying process.

When you choose Bryan & Bryan Inspections for your home inspection, you know that we give a complete visual inspection of the following areas of the house:


You want a house that has good bones. When inspecting the structure of a house, we look at the:

  1. Foundation & Other Exterior Structural Conditions

  2. Roof

  3. Attic Area

  4. Interior & Exterior Windows & Doors

  5. Insulation

  6. Fireplace (if applicable)

  7. Signs of Water Damage


When a home inspector looks at a property, he or she also gives a visual inspection of the home’s systems, including:

  1. HVAC and Ducts

  2. Kitchen Appliances

  3. Plumbing Fixtures

  4. Bathroom and Utility Room

  5. Electrical Service Box, Light Switches, and Receptacles

  6. Water Heater

  7. Pool or Spa Equipment (if applicable)

  8. Sprinkler System (if applicable)

Bryan & Bryan Inspections takes the time necessary to assess both the structural and mechanical components of a house, because if damages are found in these areas, you could end up paying lots of money down the road in repairs. We do our best to arm you with information ahead of time so you can make your home-buying decisions confidently.

To find out more about a home inspection from Bryan & Bryan Inspections, contact us today at (281) 484-8318. We’ll gladly tell you more about our process, give you a free quote on our home-inspection services, or schedule your inspection.


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