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What Do Well & Septic Inspections Include?

When purchasing a new home, homeowners typically order a home inspection to check that the major systems are in proper working order. This includes plumbing, electrical, structural, and HVAC. What many people simply don’t think about, because it’s not visible, is the well and septic system. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we highly recommend you add a well and septic inspection to your residential inspection. Keep reading to find out what is included in this inspection and why it’s essential to the health of your new home.

What Do Well & Septic Inspections Include?

Why Have a Well & Septic Inspection?

When working properly, the well and septic system collects all water and waste from your home, filters it, and then releases it into the ground. This process safely takes care of your household waste and also decreases soil and water pollution. An inspection will detect any problems, current or future, that may result in costly repairs.

Visual Inspections

The first evaluation an inspector will perform is a visual inspection. They will begin by asking the current homeowner questions about the history of the septic system, including when it was last pumped, and any past repairs that were made. Next, they will run water through all the drains including the toilet, checking that the drains are working properly and the water pressure is at optimal levels. Last, they will evaluate the drain field and make sure there is no standing water.

Full Inspections

A full well and septic inspection includes all components of the visual inspection as well as extra evaluations. The inspector will start by removing the septic tank cover and checking the water level. They will run water through the drains, checking that the water is flowing through the house as it should, and not raising the levels in the septic tank. Next, the septic tank is pumped, and the inspector will look for any problems with the drain field. 

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