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What Is a Thermal Imaging Assessment & What Can It Find?

Many homeowners or home buyers may not realize the benefits of having a thermal imaging assessment performed on their homes. While the certified inspectors at Bryan & Bryan Inspections are highly trained at assessing a home’s various structures and systems, it’s difficult to observe what they cannot see. This is what a thermal imaging inspection does. It allows our inspectors to get a glimpse of what is happening within the structures of the homes they are evaluating. Keep reading to learn more.

Identify Energy Loss

One of the benefits of thermal imaging is that it can identify if and where there is any energy loss in the home. While it can detect any reduction in energy in places like walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors, it can also identify energy loss in other areas, such as:

  1. Radiant heating systems.

  2. Air-conditioning systems.

  3. Double-pane windows.

  4. Other structural flaws.

Detect Moisture Intrusion

While some moisture leaks are visible to the eye, others are not so noticeable. Homes with moisture leaks within the walls, foundations, or roofs are not going to be easily seen. If not discovered and remediated properly, they can all lead to serious mold damage. A thermal imaging camera inspection can find the following sources of moisture intrusion:

  1. Plumbing leaks.

  2. Roof leaks.

  3. Wet insulation.

  4. Foundation or building envelope.

Discover Hot Spots

Hot spots are a fire hazard waiting to happen. Thermal imaging inspections can locate any overheating taking place within the home, alerting you of possible fire dangers. Locations we check for hot spots include:

  1. Circuit breakers.

  2. Overloaded circuits.

  3. Overheated electrical components.

  4. Electrical faults.

Observe Color Gradients

Color gradients reveal a lot of what is going on behind the walls and under the floors of the home. Typically, what a thermal imaging inspection may uncover with varied color gradients are pest infestations, such as:

  1. Tunnels left by wood-destroying insects.

  2. Rats, mice, or other large rodents.

Free Thermal Imaging Inspections

At Bryan & Bryan, when you schedule a full home inspection, we will perform a thermal imaging inspection for free. Contact us at (866) 484-8318 to schedule an inspection today. We serve Austin, TX, and all surrounding areas with our commercial inspections, mold inspections, pest evaluations, stucco services, and more.

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