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What to Look For During a Home Foundation Inspection

In the Allen, TX, area, foundation problems are very prevalent among both new and older homes. During a home inspection, state law only requires a home inspector to conduct a visual inspection of the foundation. While this is helpful for both the home seller and buyer to know the condition of the home’s foundation, it’s not always a complete picture. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we use digital imaging methods to capture more details with regard to the foundation. While capturing digital images and measurements of the foundation, we look for these signs of potential problems.

Outside the Home

There are several tell-tale signs of foundation issues that can be spotted on the outside of the home in question. These areas of disrepair are not only located on the bottom half of the home, but can be found throughout the home’s exterior. If we spot any of these symptoms of deterioration, we will make detailed notes and take pictures in order to record them on your home inspection report.

  1. Horizontal cracks in the foundation

  2. Cracking in exterior bricks

  3. Chimney leaning away from the home

  4. Gaps above windows and around doors

  5. Sunken porches or stairs

Inside the Home

The interior of a home can also be host to several foundation problems. Our experienced inspectors will take notice of the warning signs listed below when walking through the home. They will also record in detail any problems they find on the report, and also take pictures so you have a clear idea of any foundational issues.

  1. Cracks in the drywall

  2. Doors that are hard to open and close

  3. Misaligned windows

  4. Cracks in the floor or ceiling

  5. Sloping floors

  6. Separation between the walls and the ceiling

  7. Moisture in the crawl space or basement

Foundation Inspections for Allen Area Homes

When you need a residential or foundation inspection, contact Bryan & Bryan at (866) 484-8318 for an instant quote on our inspection services.  We serve Allen, TX, and the surrounding areas of Dallas and Fort Worth with our professional mold inspections, pest control services, stucco inspections, and many other residential and commercial inspections. 

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