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Why It’s Best to Not Forgo a Home Inspection

While home inspections are not required to purchase a home, they can be a very valuable part of the home purchasing process. Professional home inspectors, such as those provided by Bryan & Bryan Inspections, can discover many issues that are not typically found by the average homeowner. Why should you have a home inspection performed? The risks of not having a home inspection greatly outweigh the minimal savings you’ll experience in both time and money.

Investment Is Minimal

A home inspection is a minimal investment compared to what can happen if you don’t have an inspection conducted. It could mean the difference between buying a home you believe to be in good shape when in actuality it has major septic issues, needs an HVAC replacement, or has a leaky roof. If you do have an inspection performed and it reveals no major issues, then you can move ahead, in confidence, that you’re making a wise home-buying decision.

New Builds Need Inspecting

Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t believe that a brand new home-build construction needs a home inspection. While it’s far less likely the home has many problems, an inspection can identify items such as faulty wiring, poorly-installed gutters, code issues, and much more. If these items are discovered, they can be taken care of before they become much more expensive problems.

Home Purchases Are Expensive

As you already know, buying a home is probably one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime. When you don’t have an inspection performed, you are taking a huge risk that may be causing you to spend a substantial amount of money on a home that needs major repairs. You’ll risk buying a shipwreck of a home if you choose to forgo a home inspection.

We Have Affordable Package Options

When you’re buying a home in San Antonio, get a quote or schedule a home inspection now by calling (866) 484-8318. We also have several affordable package options so you can still have your home evaluated within your specific budget. Our team provides many other inspection services including mold inspections, pest control, stucco inspections, well and septic inspections, irrigation inspections, and much more.

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