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3 FAQs You May Have about Your Home Inspection


Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we get many questions about our home inspections, the process, what people can expect, and so on. If you’re in the market for a residential inspector, you may also have a few questions of your own. Here we address three of the common questions we get, but if you have more, you are always welcome to contact our team directly at (281) 484-8318.

1. What do you cover during a basic home inspection? At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we are certified to inspect everything, but our traditional home inspection covers the major structural and mechanical features of the home. For example, you can expect us to assess foundation, roof, exterior, interior, attic, windows, doors, fireplace, major systems (plumbing, electrical, HVAC), water heater, and built-in kitchen appliances. If you want to add on mold testing or another specialty inspection, just ask.

2. Do I need to be present at the inspection? While we don’t require our customers to be present at the inspection, we highly recommend that you do your best to be there. That way, you can see what the inspector sees, ask questions, and understand what will be written in the actual inspection report.

3. What’s included in the inspection report? The inspection report is a detailed assessment of the property’s overall condition. We are sure to mention everything we look at during the inspection, both in writing and (when necessary) with pictures of the problem areas. Have a question you don’t see here? Let us help. Bryan & Bryan Inspections is a Houston-area inspection company with heart. We dedicate ourselves to excellent service, quality inspections, and the community in which we live. Find out more about our company, take a peek at more frequently asked questions, or contact us anytime at (281) 484-8318. We’d be glad to talk you through our inspection process and schedule your home inspection today. photo credit: public domain via pixabay


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