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6 Areas That Are Evaluated During a Commercial Inspection (Part 1)

When you’re looking to purchase a commercial property, you want to be certain a thorough inspection of the entire grounds and structure is performed. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, you can trust in our professional, in-depth, and comprehensive inspections. Keep reading to learn more about what our commercial inspections include.

1. Outdoor Grounds

Before our commercial inspectors enter the building, they will begin by assessing the outdoor grounds. This includes all exits and entrances, the parking lot, sidewalks, and more. We will look for the following along with other issues:

  1. Properly-striped parking lot

  2. Appropriate number of handicapped spots

  3. Correct amount of lighting in the parking lot

  4. Cracked or damaged pavement

  5. Wheelchair accessible ramps for all entrances

  6. Handrails along exits and entrances

  7. Fire hydrants with no obstructions

  8. Properly marked utility cables and boxes

2. Building Exterior

Once the property and grounds are evaluated, the inspectors will move on to the exterior of the building. This consists of areas such as the roof, siding, walls, and more, including the following:

  1. Entrances and exits that are properly marked

  2. Clearly marked emergency exits

  3. Exits and entrances free of obstructions

  4. Proper lighting around the building’s exterior

  5. Gutters correctly installed and free of debris

3. Landscaping

If your commercial property has any grassy or landscaped areas, we’ll take the time to inspect these as well. We don’t focus primarily on the plants, trees, or landscape equipment themselves, but rather on how they interact with the property. Our inspection will include the following:

  1. Landscaping that obstructs utility cables or boxes

  2. Dead trees that need to be removed or grass that needs lawn maintenance

  3. Installed and properly working irrigation systems

  4. Mowers, trimmers, snowblowers, and other lawn equipment properly stored

Professional & High-Quality Commercial Inspections

With our unparalleled standards and ethical business practices, you can rely on the professional commercial inspections from Bryan and Bryan. Contact us today to request a quote for your next commercial inspection by calling (866) 484-8318. We serve Austin, Round Rock, and all nearby areas with our residential inspections, mold assessments, pest control services, and stucco inspections.


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