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How Can Our Repair Addendum Feature Save You Time?

Once a home inspection is conducted, a repair addendum needs to be created. This additional clause contains any repairs that need to be completed based on the home inspection report. Avoid having to copy and paste all those items when creating your repair addendum with the “Create Request List” (CRL) feature from Bryan & Bryan Inspections. This easy-to-create list can be attached right to the home inspection. Keep reading to learn more.

Add Items to the List

Upon receiving the home inspection report, you need to send along the repair request. Often, agents do this by typing and faxing the request, or they may include actual pages of the home inspection. This can make the repair addendum difficult to read, increasing your liability. We offer an easier, smoother process with our CRL feature. You can even add a custom item to the list that’s not included in the initial report.

Collaborate with Your Client

The CRL feature allows both you and your client to work on the same list at the same time. Plus, it keeps track of who requests each specific repair. As each item is added, it is time-stamped along with the author’s name. This helps to establish an ID and a history when creating the document. There are no worries when it comes to liability or misunderstandings.

Save & Email the Results

Once you and your client have added your repair requests, they can be saved within the CRL document. You can also email the results as an attachment to the inspection or the purchase agreement. The CRL can be downloaded and attached to a physical report, too. Now you have a standard repair addendum that you can easily create and send on behalf of your clients.

Request a Home Inspection Today

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