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What Does a 92-Day Limited Home Warranty Cover?

home warranties that many buyers opt for when getting a home inspection. One such warranty is our 92-day limited home warranty. Before you decide on a 92-day limited home warranty, we want to make sure you understand what it covers as well as its terms. Since we get quite a few questions about this and other warranties, we’ll try to clarify some of the details here.

The Basics This warranty does not cover preexisting conditions listed in the inspection report, but it does protect you in case something structural or mechanical happens within 92 days of the full inspection. If it does, we’ll cover the cost of the repair or replacement up to $250 mechanical and $500 structural.

How to Sign Up After completion of your home inspection, you have 15 days to contact our office if you want to take advantage of our 92-day limited warranty. Note that in order to register for this warranty, you must provide the inspector’s name as well as your name and the address of the property in question.

Find Out More To further understand the details of our 92-day limited home warranty, your best bet is to contact our office and let us answer all your questions. You won’t be the first to ask a few “what ifs…” We welcome your questions, especially if our answers can give you peace of mind during the residential inspection process. Are you ready to find out more or to schedule your inspection? Maybe you’ve already completed your inspection and have decided to sign up for your home warranty? Either way, call Bryan & Bryan Inspections of Houston today at (281) 484-8318, or schedule a home inspection online anytime. photo credit: public domain via pixabay


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