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What to Know About Rodent Infestations in Homes across Austin

Hopefully, you have never had to experience a rodent infestation in your Austin home. Many homeowners have. While they may have done all they can to prevent rodents from entering their home, these small but destructive animals are known for finding creative ways to infiltrate your personal space. Bryan & Bryan Inspections doesn’t want anyone sharing their home with pests. Learning more about them, the dangers of rodent infestations, and how to prevent them from entering your home, can aid in keeping them out for good.

Types of Rodents

Mice, rats, gophers, and voles are a few of the common rodents we treat in the Austin area. These warm-blooded mammals have oversized front teeth, an upper and lower pair, that they use for chewing and gnawing. Their teeth never stop growing, which is why rodents grind their teeth together and gnaw on items in order to keep them from becoming too long. 

Dangers of Rodents

Along with causing damage to your home, rodents may carry diseases and corrupt your food with their waste, fur, and saliva. They are also hosts for fleas which can spread disease, infect your household pets, and be very difficult to eradicate. If you do find a rodent or two in your home, we highly recommend you do not try and take care of it on your own, but call a trustworthy pest control company instead.

Rodent Prevention

Having a rodent-free home begins with prevention. There are three main ways that can help to keep these vermin from becoming a live-in nuisance:

  1. Keep all food stored properly, especially dry goods. 

  2. Clean counters and floors each night, as rodents are attracted to crumbs and garbage.

  3. Recycle or throw away cardboard. Rodents use it to make nests.

  4. Seal any openings, even small ones, on the outside of your home. These critters are capable of squeezing through even the tiniest of spaces.

Pest-Free Home

Contact us at (866) 484-8318 to request a quote or schedule an appointment online. We provide several other home services including residential inspections, mold inspections, stucco services, and commercial inspections in Austin and all nearby areas.

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