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4 Things We Look For When Conducting an Irrigation Inspection

Bryan & Bryan Inspections has years of experience inspecting all aspects of a home, including the irrigation system. A lawn sprinkler system that is not working well can lead to wasted water, inefficient irrigation systems, and high utility bills. Our professional home inspectors are very knowledgeable in how lawn sprinklers should work. Below are four elements of an irrigation system that we check during each inspection.

1. Broken Sprinkler Heads

A damaged, cracked, or clogged sprinkler head can cause your lawn irrigation system to work ineffectively. The heads can sputter, resulting in less water on your lawn, or they can spray water haphazardly, not directing water in the appropriate places. Sunken or tilted sprinkler heads can also completely change the direction of the water.

2. Leaking Pipes & Lines

Sometimes the problem lies elsewhere in the irrigation system. We inspect all connection points along the sprinkler pipes to determine if there are any leaks. We also check the underground lines for any leaks by monitoring the water meter as we run the sprinkler system. Unusual activity may indicate a considerable underground leak.

3. Disconnected Wires

Our inspectors also check the sprinkler box for damaged, worn, or disconnected wires. Often, an inefficient irrigation system can be as simple as reattaching some wires. Once all connections are reattached, the lawn sprinkler will work as good as new. 

4. Structural or Plant Obstacles

If an irrigation system has been installed for years on your Dallas property, it may be that a plant overgrowth or structural item is interfering with the sprinkler system. Perhaps a bush has grown too big and is blocking the direction of the water, or a deck addition is obstructing a sprinkler head. 

Certified Home & Irrigation Inspections

Bryan & Bryan Inspections serves Dallas and all surrounding communities with our house and lawn irrigation systems. Contact us today at (866) 484-8318 for a quote or schedule an appointment online now. We also conduct other home services including mold inspections, pest control services, stucco services, well and septic inspections, and commercial property inspections.

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